Fractal reflection: Shot in Amritsar, India.

This was photographed in a fertility temple where only women are welcome. In Amritsar, woman wishing to fall pregnant flock to this Mata temple to pray for good fortune. The temple is shaped like a womb and is home to a labyrinth of ankle-deep waterways, low tunnels, staircases, walkways and caves. Your journey through it is supposed to bless you with a healthy child. I happened to be passing through it with about 30 local school girls on an excursion, all pushing past me in a room filled with mirrors. That's when I took this shot. This reflection stood out to me. I like the girl's expression in the far right corner.

Small: Framed, 35 x 30 cm $255
Small: Unframed, 7.5 x 11 inches $55

Medium: Framed, 60 x 70 cm $550
Medium: Unframed , 11 x 16 inches $110

Large: Framed, 90cm x 1.2m $900
Large: Unframed, 24x36 inches $220


Digital Photography on fine art textured cottom paper.
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